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Nancy Adams Personnel Interview Tips

DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Before your first interview, learn as much as you can about the company’s mission, lines of business, and the areas in which they do business.  Study the website thoroughly.  The more you know about them, the more confident you’ll feel asking questions.

PREPARE YOURSELF. Organize the night before.  Your interview clothing, portfolio, and copies of your resume should all be ready.  Get a good night’s rest and re-read your resume before the interview.

TIMING IS EVERYTHING. Give yourself plenty of time to get there and plan to arrive ten to fifteen minutes early to avoid traffic or other slowdowns.  Write down the exact meeting place and time and ask about parking availability before you go.

BE GRACIOUS. A firm handshake, a friendly smile and direct eye contact with the employer will indicate that you are well-poised and can handle clients with finesse and courtesy.

NEVER CHEW GUM OR SMELL LIKE SMOKE on an interview. Surveys show that 90 percent of employers would hire a non-smoker over a smoker if their qualifications were equal. Chewing gum makes you look nervous.


LOOK AT THE EMPLOYER during the interview. Direct eye contact shows that you are interested. You may be nervous, but fight the impulse to look away.  Ask the employer all about the job and the company. Again, the interviewer is flattered by your interest.

BE ENTHUSIASTIC!!! The employer is looking for someone who is genuinely interested in the job and the company.


ASK QUESTIONS, but don’t interrupt. You are successful if you can get the employer to talk about the position and goals. Everyone likes flattery! Be careful not to take over the interview and put the employer on the defense! Sell yourself and your skills.


YOUR EXIT. Whether or not you like the job, always be polite. Sincerely thank the employer for his/her time. If you really want the job, don’t hesitate to ask for it with a departing statement to the effect, “I would like to become part of your organization-I want this job!” Remember, a firm handshake leaves a lasting impression.

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